10 Best Foods for Health


Eating well isn’t just about losing weight—it’s about feeling better in every possible way, from fighting off the stress of a bunk economy to maximizing the effects of a serious workout. We’ve pinpointed 10 foods you’d do well to eat everyday and provided you the blueprints for putting each into action.

Best food for your brain: BLUEBERRIES
Anthocyanidin, the antioxidant pigment responsible for the blueberry’s hue, has a powerful bolstering effect on learning and memory. Several studies have indicated that cognitive functions increase along with blueberry consumption.

Best food for all-day energy: QUINOA
Quinoa has higher concentrations of energy-producing B vitamins than any other whole wheat grain.

Best food after a workout: GREEK YOGURT
Not only does Greek yogurt have two to three times the amount of protein of normal yogurt, it also has all the amino acids you need to rebuild your muscles after a trip to the gym.

Best food for boosting your mood: SALMON
Add happiness to the list of perks derived from the omega-3 fats in salmon. Several studies have linked EPA and DHA, the dominant form of omega-3s in fish, to a decreased risk of depression.

Best food for healthy skin: ALMONDS
After examining the diets of 453 people, Australian researchers found that monounsaturated fats exhibited protective properties and actually prevented both wrinkles and sun damage. Almonds, avocados, and olive oil all fit the bill.

Best food for surviving flu season: RED BELL PEPPER
Vitamin C is essential to your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins, and vitamin A increases the efficacy of white blood cells and antibodies. A red bell pepper has twice as much vitamin C as an orange and three times as much A as a tomato.

Best food to fight cavities: CHEESE
Studies have demonstrated that chewing cheese can increase the concentration of calcium in plaque, which helps to protect your teeth against cavities. Not to mention that following a sugary food with cheese can boost the pH in your mouth back to the safe zone.

Best food for your sexual health: DARK CHOCOLATE
The flavonoids found in cocoa not only improve bloodflow but also trigger a feel-good endorphin release that follows chocolate consumption, giving it the potential to light up the bedroom.

Best food to keep your joints greased: SPINACH
Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the pain in arthritic subjects, while the Boston University Medical Center found that those with the highest intakes of vitamin C were three times less likely to strain or injure joints than those with the lowest intakes. Spinach packs both C and E in abundance.

Best food to squash stress: STRAWBERRIES
Strawberries pack a ton of serotonin-inducing natural sugars, plus a single cup of the fruit boasts 160 percent of your day’s vitamin C. A German study found that vitamin C helped clear out cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress-related symptoms like high blood pressure and hazy thinking.