Lifting is a mental game

Renita Fitness Lifting Is MentalLifting is a mental game. I’ve had some beast workouts on days then are days I could barely make it through the gym door. When getting there is the hardest part, FIND A WAY. Tell yourself doing something is better than doing nothing. Just get moving and don’t freak out if you can’t go hardcore out.


And remember: “When you’re about to quit, remember why you started.”


I would like to congratulate my friend, IFBB Pro Juanita Blaino, for placing 2nd place this past weekend at the Windy City Pro competition and winning the ” The Best Poser” award! She on her way to the IFBB Olympia!


Well, my pro debut in my hometown of Chicago was incredible! 2nd place finish and Best Female Bodybuilder Poser award…priceless!!

Big Thank u’s to Tim Gardner for 2014 & 2015 booked, awesome!!! Kristal and Jake Wood, Brian Tosko Bello, Wings of Strength…Thank you for ur passion and support of the sport especially women’s bodybuilding! Having made my nine year old feel like she’s the only kid in the world almost made me cry. Thank u to Ifbb Pro Melody Spetko and MGL for awarding me the Best Female Bodybuilder Poser award…I’m humbled! Family, friends and co workers (especially those who kept me away from Culvers double cookie dough concrete mixers!!)…Thank u! Renita Gholston for my posing routine…I know I had u very scared, lol! More to follow…