This a must read for men and women! Do You Know What Sexy Looks Like?

renita-harris-She’s a nerd who knows theres more to life than make up and money.

She’s hungry for success. And always proudly wears the foundation of her people.

She’s a natural at always being herself.

Sexy is the way she wakes up radiating gorgeous with a mere smile.

Sexy is the way she looks at you when you irritate the shit out of her, but some how she manages to still love who you are.

Sexy doesn’t need new jewelry. No she rather have a good book.

She doesn’t need your approval to do things but she definitely respects your point of view.

Sexy motivates you to be a better man. And an even better father figure.

Do you really know what sexy looks like? Its when she wears your old sweatshirts with your mix matched tube socks.

Sexy is the way she looks during finals week, crazy and sleep deprived.

Sexy doesn’t mind getting her new shoes dirty when you guys get caught up in an adventure. No, Its the crazy noises she makes during sleep……. (insert awkward noise)

Sexy is sexy even when sexy doesn’t feel sexy.

Do you know what sexy looks like?

She kinda looks like you.